Men Who Live In Teeny Tiny Triangle Shaped Buildings In Order to Squeeze Into Williamsburg.

Real estate in Williamsburg and essentially anywhere in North Brooklyn is almost impossible to attain. So what does one do when the space is in short supply? Eke out a patch of it on one of those meridian triangles that should in no way be permissible to have a building erected on.

The triangle in question.

The triangle in question.

Located on the distinct geometrical shape known as Heyward Street, the first in what will inevitably be a series of petite triangle-shaped buildings has cropped up thanks to a building permit that was requested in 2012 (an apocalyptic year, to be sure). This trend-setting architectural feat of insanity is, to put it mildly, indicative. Any “man” living in a building of this nature should be given serious reconsideration as a one-night stand prospect.

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