Men Who Don’t Share Food.

From a “man’s” perspective, it might seem a hair on the maudlin side to share food from his own plate. It’s, in fact, something that “men” comfortable revealing their age (approaching 30s) are all too willing to liken to the Tramp in Lady and the Tramp (Missing a Dick’s older “male” readers may have thought I was alluding to a Charlie Chaplin character).

Sharing food is a sign of larger generous, chiefly in bed

Sharing food is a sign of larger generous, chiefly in bed

But sharing food is one of the key indicators of a “man’s” generosity. Epicurean stinginess, however, indicates that he is likely niggardly (I will not apologize for the use of this frequently maligned word) in other important areas, like head giving or buying you either sentimental or expensive gifts when the occasion calls for it. It also probably means he thinks you’re too fat to share food with, in which case he’s too thin and you should be having a go with a “man” who’s burlier anyway.

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