Men Who Play Big Buck Hunter At Bars.

Playing video games of any kind is automatically a sign that you have to play with a control of some sort since you don’t have a dick to play with. But at least when you’re playing video games at home, you’re not putting your dicklessness on blast the way you do when you freely pick up a fake gun to shoot at some innocent deer on the screen of Big Buck Hunter.

Does shooting at this buck make you feel like a man?

Does shooting at this buck make you feel like a man?

Available at most Williamsburg bars still left, like the Levee, Big Buck Hunter players not only have no shame, but they’re also statistically less likely to have a one-night stand with anyone who sees them playing this game. So if you have the urge to do something with your hands while at a bar, how about taking out your credit card to buy a lady a drink instead?

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