Men Who Put on Sade to Set the Mood.

I don’t really know why Sade became the staple in so many “men’s” minds for setting the mood, but, for some reason, this bitch continues to make it onto sexual playlists the Williamsburg over. It’s almost as though “men” think that the mere playing of the first few notes of “Smooth Operator” guarantees a woman’s disrobing.

The cliche mood setter

The cliche mood setter

But, for as overtly sensual and mellifluous as Sade’s vocals are, there is absolutely nothing grosser or sleazier than when a “man” opts to put her greatest hits album on before taking off what one can only assume are his boxer briefs. In addition to inducing the gag reflex, it also shows a total lack of originality/harkens to something Patrick Bateman might do. It basically screams, “I’m overcompensating for my dicklessness with this music!”

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