Men Who Troll On Halloween Expecting Nothing Less Than Getting Laid.

The predatory “man” is nothing new when it comes to the trolling scene. But there is a different class of predator who gets his most joy and fulfillment from trolling on Halloween night, alternatively known as Passed Out Bitches Free-For-All Day. The “man” who typically relishes this frequently offers little in the way of game or finesse, and so Halloween is his one night of the year to take full advantage of various women’s states of inebriation.

"Yo girl, you want some of this?"

“Yo girl, you want some of this?”

Because Williamsburg is one of the many parts of Brooklyn that encourages the donning of costumes, the “man” who trolls in this area on Halloween is made to look even creepier and more disgusting while attempting to flirt in what is presumably the thin veneer of a rapist. If you want to at least pretend like you’re not seeking out the most wasted girl you find on this particular night of the year, try dressing in something that doesn’t make you look like some sort of new-fangled John Wayne Gacy.


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