Men and “The Spark.”

Many “men” like to imagine that there is a “spark” between him and the woman he currently wants to have sex with. Though the common misconception is that women are the ones who like to play into the fantasy of sharing a deep connection with someone upon first meeting them–that whole love at first sight game–it is really “men” who project all the desired traits they want in a woman onto the one they’re most physically attracted to for the time being.

The only time sparks really fly between a "man" and a woman is when they're created by Roy Lichtenstein

The only time sparks really fly between a “man” and a woman is when they’re created by Roy Lichtenstein

Once a “man” realizes that he’s completely imagined his own vision of a certain woman after a few casual dates at places like Dram and Caracas (sparks can only be allowed to flourish over overpriced food and drinks), he suddenly blames her for allowing “the spark” to dim, when, in fact, it was all a grand illusion to begin with. That, and she happened to be in between waxes the night he finally decided to go down on her.

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