Men Who Hang Out At The Gutter With Ebola (Alternately Titled: Bowling With Ebola).

Okay, so like maybe it’s “too soon” or whatever, but “men” who hang out at The Gutter with ebola have got to be the worst. Like why are you in Williamsburg in the first place if you live in Harlem? So you can tout to everyone (i.e. potential lays) that you’ve worked for Doctors Without Borders? It’s all very unclear.

Bowling with ebola at The Gutter

Bowling with ebola at The Gutter

In any case, “men” who bowl in general are kind of dickless, so, in a way, it’s to be expected that someone spending his time at a bowling alley would have ebola. Where there’s one characteristic of dicklessness, there’s bound to be many, after all. But, as Lauryn Hill once said, “develop a negative into a positive picture” by hoping this makes bowling less palatable to people/”men” in Williamsburg (#downwithBrooklynBowl).

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