Men Who You Once Hooked Up With That Text You Randomly in the Middle of the Night.

So, a lot of “men” like to keep you on reserve after you’ve fucked them and they’ve decided to stop talking to you for awhile. But then, out of nowhere, they’ll contact you from the great beyond, whether because they’ve run out of options for the evening or something triggered their memory long enough for them to remember who you are.

Unwanted persistence

Unwanted persistence

When this happens, they’ll text you things like, “What are you up to lady?” or “Hey” as a pathetic means to get back into your good vaginal graces. And because you once used to fuck him semi-regularly every time you saw him at that same bar in Williamsburg, he just assumes you’ll do it again and again no matter how much you’ve progressed in your life. To this “man,” a cleansing of contacts is urged. Because, to be honest, no woman is desperate enough to fuck you months or years after you’ve given her the brush off.

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