Men Who Are Friends With Women You Hate.

There are few things worse, apart from men with an unrealistic interpretation of their penis size, than men who are friends with a woman you hate. Whatever the reason for your hatred, be it because you simply can’t stand her personality and would never be friends with her if your boyfriend du jour didn’t push her upon you all the time or you feel threatened the way all women do by the presence of another woman in her “man’s” life, the “man” in question should give her the ax.

One of many unsuccessful love triangles

One of many unsuccessful love triangles

For some, this may seem a bit harsh, even on the crazy side, for a woman to expect a “man” to sever communication with a “friend,” but if this “man” in question values sex in any way in terms of getting it on the regular, then he would do well to favor the one he’s actually with instead of the “friend.” Yes, Williamsburg is supposed to be very progressive with regard to polyamorous tendencies (not factoring in the privileged white children scene that stems from the many condo families in the area), but someone is always going to get hurt this way. And it’s probably going to be your nub of a dick from the blue balls you’re getting as a result of pissing off your girlfriend.

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