Men Who Allow Romance to Atrophy.

When snatch is readily available to a man, he tends to lose sight of the work that should be sustained in order to continue deserving it. One should not assume that just because it’s there, you’re entitled to it. A bit of romantic innovation is key to promoting instantaneous wetness.

The tramp knew what was up

The tramp knew what was up

In Williamsburg, the potential for romance is endless. That’s right, amid the corporate fuckery of American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and Duane Reade, you can find your own quiet spot, away from the temptations of commerce, to take your lady of the moment and show her just how much you care–whether with words, sex in public or a trinket of some sort. Whatever you do, don’t find yourself wondering why you’ve been left with your dick (assuming you have one) in your hand after a dry spell of romance. She’s found someone who doesn’t think watching TV in a different room constitutes being attentive and into it.

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