Men Who Don’t Wash Dishes.

There’s this strange myth about women being unwilling to get their hands dirty. But if this was the case, then why the fuck are they always the ones doing the dishes? If they’re so goddamn dainty, shouldn’t men be the ones to get this extremely arduous task done?



Considering that most of the amenity-rich apartments on the Williamsburg waterfront already come equipped with a dishwasher, it really shouldn’t be that much of a challenge for a “man” to slip the dishes right in. ‘Cause we all know he ain’t sticking his dick right in. So next time your piece of the moment comes over for dinner, why don’t you impress her by soaping up? Especially since it’s really obvious that you Mrs. Doubtfired that dinner by ordering it from somewhere else and pretending to pass it off as your own.

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