Men Who Irish Goodbye.

I understand the need to flee a scene the second things get too real/awkward/etc., however there is something decidedly sociopathic about men who Irish goodbye. It’s like they can’t be bothered to acknowledge anyone’s social needs but their own. The only decent excuse for leaving without an announcement–at least to the person you came with–is an urgent medical emergency (e.g. seizure or intense attack of diarrhea).

All you need to do is make this simple gesture.

All you need to do is make this simple gesture.

Williamsburg men are, of course, notorious for their lack of consideration for others, particularly women (it’s like they resent them for literally missing a dick as opposed to just metaphorically missing one). But if they could just see that demonstrating even the smallest and simplest modicum of courtesy, like saying goodbye through a gesture or grunt, they would be so much closer to having more than a gash where their dick should be.


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