Men Who When You See Them You’re Not Really Sure of Their Gender.

There was once a Sex and the City episode called “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl.” In it, an artist that Charlotte was showing at her gallery did a photographic exhibit of drag kings. He said, “Gender is an illusion.” In Williamsburg, this is especially accurate. Indeed, the “men” have taken on a more female quality and the “women” a far more masculine one.

Gender blend.

Gender blend.

While androgyny will always have a certain chic quality, it can make for a very frustrating experience when you’re just trying to troll without putting too much thought into what’s going on in the genital area. To have to question whether or not someone has a penis is truly the epitome of missing a dick. My advice, start wearing a t-shirt that clearly indicates what you’re trying to be: Boy, girl or something in between. It would save us all a lot of unnecessary lust.

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