Men Who Take Fashion Cues from Adam Driver.

We get it. Adam Driver is the spokes”man” for Williamsburg. As one of the few regular “males” on Girls (though most of the girls on said show are more masculine), it’s only natural he would rise to prominence for his “look.” I suppose that’s why it’s difficult for some to understand that mimicking his style is a classically dickless move. 

Inexpressive fashion.

Inexpressive fashion.

Driver’s general uniform–a solid color or graphic t-shirt or tank–is not only tired, but utterly uninspired. To wear crew necks and graphic tees and assorted denim is not only egregiously basic, but also says, “I must dress this way to hide that I don’t have a dick.” You’d be better off sporting paisley pants and a velvet blazer. At least it would show some courage. If you really want to take a fashion tip from a man, look to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in Gimme Shelter.

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