Men Who Date Women Without a Personality.

Granted, it’s much simpler to date a girl without a personality. You don’t have to try to find things to talk about other than what’s on TV and you can always feel confident that you’ll be dressed better than her. No muss, no fuss. However, this easy way out, so to speak, shows a strong sign of dicklessness.

If you're missing a dick, this could be the girl for you.

If you’re missing a dick, this could be the girl for you.

Though bland women aren’t without their perks (for instance, they probably have perfectly symmetrical tits), to become seriously involved with one proves utterly unchallenging to your brain and your wang. All they want to do is whatever you want to do, permitted they can eat a salad at some point during the course of your activities. This tends to be the dream of many Williamsburg men, who just want time for their “art.” But if you want to take the first step toward growing your dick back, try going for a more complicated woman the next time around (even if the level of complexity starts at her not living in Williamsburg).

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