Men With Improper Facebook Etiquette.

So I know Facebook is, like, over or whatever, but it’s still a large organ of communication and perception. Men, being mostly unaware of where they are or what they’re doing for the majority of the time, have trouble noting the value and importance of this tool. For instance, if someone sends you a message on Facebook, you respond to it. If someone posts something on your wall, you “like” it. Even if you really don’t. In Wburg, where everyone is just so beyond such quaint forms of social media that are still heavily favored in the Midwest and South, a lack of Facebook etiquette shows not only a form of dicklessness, but also the missing a brain issue (which includes the total oblivion of 21st century social cues). And anyway, just because Mark Zuckerberg probably doesn’t have a dick and lives in Williamsburg, doesn’t mean you should use his creation improperly.

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